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Business man portrait fabulous faces stock photos sp men male adult happy smiling smile 3/4 length tie office eye contact 50-60 50s baby boomer p2208 professional

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Business man talking portrait fabulous faces stock photos sp men male adult happy smiling smile 3/4 length tie office eye contact 50-60 50s baby boomer professional p2209 hands

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Business man with hand to face portrait fabulous faces stock photos sp men male adult happy smiling smile close up tie office eye contact 50-60 50s baby boomer professional p2210 hands

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Business man out doors 40's 40-50 baby boomer suit and tie portrait eye contact rd RD d2226 Rick r d  R D R.D.

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Golfing grandma senior golf golfer citizen woman grandmother s2230 old lady elderly content happy   assisted living 80s 80's 80-90 70-80 70s outdoors  aging silly caucasian health mature  eighty great     serious ps

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Dr. Benjamin Spock  (1903-1998) s2231

Perhaps Dr. Spock’s first thoughts of child rearing were when his busy parents expected him to help care for his five younger siblings.  He did help raise them and later became one of the foremost experts in the field.

During undergraduate studies at Yale he was a member of the Scroll and Key rowing team that went on to win a gold medal at the 1924 Olympics in Paris.  He then attended medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York where in 1929 he graduated first in his class.  His residency training in pediatrics was at Cornell University, then in psychiatry at Cornell’s Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic.   

After serving as a psychiatrist in World War II, he held professorships at three different universities.  Shortly after the war, in 1946, Dr. Spock published his first book, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, which became a best seller.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it outsold all books in the non-fiction category except the Bible.  His second wife, Mary Morgan, helped him revise the book in 1976.  

I met and photographed him in 1987 when he was 84 years old.  He was in amazing physical condition for a man of that age so it didn’t surprise me very much when he gave me his address to send the photo.  He and his wife lived aboard their sailboat at the island of St. Thomas.

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Shelley Fabares

Michele Ann Marie Fabares was born in Santa Monica, CA in 1944.  The natural blond
started her acting career at the age of 10, with a role on the TV show, “Captain Midnight”, and kept busy until her break-through role on “The Donna Reed Show” in 1958.  The young actress became a teen idol during her five years on the series and moved on to a more grown-up career, which included singing and movies.  She appeared in several films, including three with Elvis Presley.  It is kind of ironic that Elvis was the one who bumped Shelley’s No. 1, “Top 40” hit, “Johnny Angel”, from number on the charts.  Presley’s “Good Luck Charm” and “Johnny Angel” held the number one and two spots for about a month.

Shelley stared in several movies and TV shows, but became even better known for her role on the TV sitcom, “Coach”.  The very successful series earned her two Emmy nominations and ran for nine seasons.  She played Christine Armstrong, and was cast along side Craig T. Nelson.

After she and her sister became caregivers of their mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Shelley became active in the then fledgling Alzheimer’s Association.  She became the national spokesperson and active board member and made the association more visible.  I met her during one of her speaking tours where she was kind enough to sit for a portrait. 

She has been married to Mike Farrell since 1984, and has two step-children.

f2223 sf

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William Milliken was born in Traverse City, Michigan in 1922.  His father, James T. Milliken, was mayor of Traverse City and later a State Senator as well as his grandfather who also served as State Senator of Michigan.  William G. Milliken graduated from Traverse City High School and attended Yale University where he was a member of the varsity basketball and track team.  He left Yale to serve in the Army Air Force in World War II.  Milliken flew fifty combat missions over Europe as waist-gunner and had to bail out over Italy.  He was awarded the Purple Heart for heroism and two Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters for bravery in World War II.

After his service, he returned to Yale and graduated in 1946 with a degree in political science.  In 1961 he was elected as a State Senator, like his father and grandfather before him.  From 1965 to 1969 he served as lieutenant governor under George Romney, and became governor when George Romney left office to serve in Richard Nixon’s cabinet.  Milliken went on to become the longest-serving Michigan Governor in history.  During his 14 years as governor serving as a moderate republican, he was chairman of The National Governor’s Association, and led in the formation of the Council of Great Lakes Governors.

After retiring from the governorship, Milliken was chairman of the Great Lakes Commission in Chicago, a Chrysler board member, a Ford Foundation board member, and an active member of the Police Foundation in Washington DC.  He also received honorary college degrees from virtually all Michigan universities.  He lives in Traverse City with his wife.

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Wayne Newton n2219 Las Vegas singer entertainer

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Larry Linville   (1939-2000)

Larry Linville was born in Ojai, California and graduated from high school in Sacramento.  He then went to the University of Colorado where a desire to  fly jets led him to a major in engineering.  He told me he also had a desire to act and there were many more girls enrolled in drama than engineering.  He got out of engineering and joined a civic group in Boulder, Colorado.  In 1959 he won a scholarship to the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in London.   After returning to the United States, he was kept busy, with stage work and made his debut on Broadway in Eugene O’Neill’s,  “More Stately Mansions”, staring Ingrid Bergman.

On the small screen Linville was also kept busy with roles on “Judd for the Defense”, “Mission Impossible”, and “Bonanza”, but his role on “Room 222” is what got the attention of producer, Gene Reynolds who cast him as Major Frank Burns on “MASH”.  After five very successful seasons on the award winning series, Larry decided he had accomplished all he could with the character, and did not renew his contract.  He appeared in numerous TV series and films after his famous role.

I met and photographed him in 1988 while he was on a college speaking tour.  He wasn’t at all like Major Frank Burns, but did enjoy the attention he received at a bar after his talk to a packed house.  I believe smoking finally got the best of him when he died from complications of pneumonia after surgery was performed to remove cancerous lung tissue.     

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Reverend Ralph David Abernathy  (1926-1990)

When Ralph Abernathy walked into the room where I was set up to photograph him, he asked, “Are you from NBC, ABC or CBS?”  I said I was an independent, and he answered, “I like independence.”   Our relaxed portrait session was in 1985 during one of his speaking tours.

Mr. Abernathy was born in Linden, Alabama in 1926 and graduated from Alabama State University in 1950.  A year later he earned his M. A. in sociology from Atlanta University and became a pastor of the First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
While living in Montgomery he formed a close relationship with Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, Abernathy and King organized the bus boycott, which after a year resulted in a ruling by the United States Supreme Court that segregation on buses was unconstitutional.  Abernathy was Mr. King’s right hand man in the Southern Christian Leadership, with the title of Secretary-Treasurer.  The two worked very closely together until Mr. King’s untimely death in 1968, where they shared a room together the night before the leader was slain.

After King’s death, Rev. Abernathy assumed the role of president of the SCLC, but never got the support his successor had.  Reverend Abernathy continued to work for civil rights and was vice president of the American Freedom Coalition until his death in 1990.

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Bearded man close up k2234 baby boomer grey beard out doors portrait 50-60 50s middle age white smile content gray tk looking away ecu

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Doug Luciani DL Traverse City Chamber of Commerce l2235 L2235 dl

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Team owners baseball minor league aa aaa wuerfel wuerfel's john leslye beach bums jw lw couple 40-50 40's 50-60 50's bat portrait of couple good looking w2236 frontier

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radio personality ron rj dj on air wtcm entrepreneur focus microphone recording studio 40-50 40's baby boomer smile happy confident

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Female golfer women woman h2238 jh golf golfer golfing portrait outdoors baby boomer 40-50 40s club smile smiling happy

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medical person mg g2141 woman women female adult caucasian baby boomer smile smiling portrait  40's 40-50 50-60 50s physician physicians medicine patient care doctors lab coat  file chart hospital clinic nurse mg stethoscope

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Three generations h2243 grandmother grandma daughter intergenerational outdoors portrait grandson happy smile smiling mother son ch mh bh

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man men male adult 40-50 50-60 40s 50s p2245 face close up happy outdoors looking at camera dp

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Grandmothers in a row senior seniors citizen old ladies lady women woman adult 80-90 80s 70-80 70s grey hair white close up sisters retired assisted living senior living housing nursing home ef wp ch ht j2246

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Smiling grandma grandmother senior citizen old lady mature women woman female grey hair white age happy assisted living senior living 80-90 80s 90-100 90s p2247 wp looking away glasses

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female women family grandma granddaughters grandaughters indoors together intergenerational happy ln on en n2247 laying white background portrait three

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